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SUSE 9.2 is released by Novell, featuring 2.6 kernel, KDE 3.3, Gnome 2.6 and Evolution 2.0.

The biggest news are advanced support for wireless networking and bluetooth in the YaST configuration tool. Once setup, Suse can roam between wireless LAN networks and other types of networks. ACPI power management has also been improved and they are probably the first ones to get the new suspend-to-disk functions in the 2.6 kernels working on a installation done by a Linux distribution.

Suspend-to-disk is nothing new, and gives both desktop and laptop the huge benefit of quick shutdowns and boots. Your desktop is saved to a swap partation when you shutdown and all the work that needs to be done when you reboot is to load that partation into the systems memory and everything is back to where it was before the shutdown. This has been in the 2.6.x kernels for quite some time. Power users have used this feature for quite some time. It has been reserved them because it requires patching of the user space tool, setting up a swap that is slightly bigger than your total amount of RAM and other l337 tricks. SuSE 9.2 has implemented these skills into their YaST configuration tool. Suse was recently bought by Novell. This SusE release shows Novell is taking Linux very seriously these days, they seem to be trying to close all the gaps who prevent average Joe from switching to Linux.

Evolution 2.0 was released last month and is the key personal information management application in the Gnome desktop system and the proud product of Ximian, who were recently also bought by Novell.

Evolution released very quietly last week and Novell did not make any big public announcements about it. It is highly likely that you will be hearing a lot more about this product now that Novell has a flagship product where it is available.

YaST is a proprietary configuration that makes the SuSE Linux flavor unique. It is the heart of their Linux distribution, somewhat like the Mandrake Control Center included in the Mandrake Linux distributions. YaST has been around for years and has become extremely mature over time. It allows everyone who prefers to click on things over having the real system control that comes with hand-editing configuration files (like real men do) to easily use and administer Linux system. YaST has long been able to configure your mouse, sound-card and other things users should not need to worry about during installation. This functionality has long been close enough to perfect. The news this time is far more advanced networking support and configuration abilities. SuSE and YaST now allows you to roam between LAN networks and other types of networks, like bluetooth networks.

SuSE really impresses with the versions of the software included. They were required to include KDE 3.3 and Gnome 2.6, they have been out for a while and have become the new standards on modern distributions. Evolution 2.0 is included and it was released last week. It should be pointed out that Evolution is made by Novell, meaning they have better access to the developers than other companies and therefore are able to include it in a distribution more quickly. This is only slightly unfair, as the source code is available to anyone at any time during the development process. The availability of the source code is the only reason why SuSE includes 1.1.3, the latest version of the stable OO branch. is a complete word processor, spreadsheet and presentation suite. It was released Monday this week. That is quick packaging.

Check out Novells own bragging-sheet:

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