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> Linux Reviews > News and headlines > 2004 News archive > October > 1.1.3 available! This is the most important Office suite of our time. It is based on StarOffice, free as in free speech, available for both Windows and Linux and based on open file-formats.

The suite is the obvious choice for the modern corporate world: is excellent. Get the new version of the stable branch NOW.

Switching to it will increase your shareholder because the enormous amount of cash saved on license fees can be used to send people on educational seminars. This will increase your employees happiness and make them able to work very effectively using Open-Source software. The money saved on license fees can also be used on technical support when needed. Imagine for a second what extra benefits that would appear if you could spend the total amount of money currently used on Office suite licenses entirely on making you and your fellow employees learning how to get the software to work with and for you. 1.1.3 is the new stable branch version, replacing 1.1.2. Version 1.1.3 is currently only available in English and a hand-full other languages. Current users are encouraged to upgrade. The OpenOffice code-line for the 1.1.X version is considered complete. New versions of OpenOffice 1.1.X are only fixes for known bugs, the goal of this branch is to produce a completely stable, totally perfect version 1.X. The release notes show all bugs closed between 1.1.2 and 1.1.3.

The 1.1.x code-line has been considered feature-complete since 09/2002, meaning 1.1.x has become very mature and stable. It is now considered ready to be used by enterprises, governments and businesses.

Please note that the biggest cost when switching to from another Office suite will be your highest cost. The OO team claims 'near-perfect compatibility with legacy proprietary office suites such as Microsoft Office.'. Consider this marketing garbage. You can import Microsoft Word documents as long as they are simple. It does not take that many tries to find out that a table or other non-text element is enough to give you a hard time converting your documents.

The Next Step

The future of has two current directions:

  • 1.x feature breezed, will become rock-solid stable
  • 2.x, here is where new features are developed. 2.0 is scheduled to be ready for public use March 2005. Alpha versions of 2.0 can be downloaded from something the OO team calls their 680 page. Please use the latest 1.1.x for production environments, the 2.0 release is only meant for crazy people with very much time on their hands who want to experience a buggy version of the future.

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