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Evolution 2.0.0 has been released! Evolution is the GNOME group-ware application aimed at making beginners and Microsoft Outlook users comfortable when they need to send mail or keep track of their time.

The new release has a very advanced built-in Junk-Filter, support for filtering away spam using Spam-Assassin (if you ISP doesn't already do this for you), support for sharing your schedule using web calenders, NNTP support and obviously, the usual amount of bug-fixes are applied.

Evolution 2.0 was announced quietly this week on the gnome mailing lists. Novell, who recently bought Ximian, has not yet announced the new version publicly.

Binary packages are not yet available for any distribution, but the source is available from and mirrors.

The biggest new features are:

  • NNTP support
  • Support for attachments using S/MIME
  • Integrated Junk Filtering with Spam-Assassin
  • Web calendars, share your
  • Over-layed calendars
  • Improved User Interface
  • Many bug fixes

84 screenshots are available at

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