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X Window System Version 11 Release 6.8.0

The long awaited version 6.8.0 of the implementation of the X Window System will be announced and available today. Development has finally moving rapidly forward after years of stagnation in Xfree development. The latest version of the essential Linux building block that handles screen rendering, keyboard input and other important underlying parts of any Linux Desktop system has many significant improvements.

X11R6.8.0 is a free Open Source version of the X Window System, runnable on most UNIX(R) and UNIX-like operating systems (such as Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris x86, NetBSD and OpenBSD).

The X.Org Foundation is expected to make an announcement later today and make the sources available for download shortly.

Take a look at some X11R6.8.0RC4 screenshots to get a glimpse at the new features:

  • REAL transparencey,
  • Drop shadows
  • Overall better stability and performance
more screenshots

Mandrake Linux users can download xorg_6.8_rc4 RPMs for 10.0 and cooker (use probably_broken dir).

Gentoo Linux users can use the masked version available in portage (manual).

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