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Nmap 3.70 released. Nmap is a port scanner utility for security auditing and network exploration

The scanning engine has been rewritten and is now faster, gentler against target hosts and now able to scan many hosts in parallel.

Nmap is every network administrators friend. It can do ping scanning and determine what machines on the network are on-line, detect what OS version remote hosts are using, do stealth and decoy port scanning, SunRPC scanning and that is just the top of the iceberg.

The new Nmap 3.70 version is a major improvement with many significant changes and improvements. Almost all of the important parts of the core has been rewritten or improved, including the UDP system which has been improved and now avoids false-open results.

Nmap now provides time estimates when doing long scans in verbose (-v) mode.

A interesting new feature is the ability to do "port scan pings" on firewalled hosts.

The new scanning core does broad scans faster by scanning many hosts in parallel. A new --exclude option allows you to exclude subnetworks or hosts from a broad scan.

Nmap is free (GNU GPL) software, the source code is free available. Nmap versions are available for Linux, Microsoft Windows, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Solaris, IRIX, Mac OS X, HP-UX, NetBSD, Sun OS, Amiga, and more.

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