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AdvanceMAME and AdvanceMESS v0.86 Released! The unofficial MAME and MESS versions has better support for special monitors like Arcade Monitors and TVs compared to the official versions.

The new releases updated the Advance versions to MAME/MESS 0.86 released last week. AdvanceMAME has a new spectrum analyzer in the Audio menu and does better joystick recognition.

mame/mess-0.86 (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulators) were released 2004-08-22, xmame/xmess-0.86 (The X11/Linux versions) were released 2004-08-25 and the Advance* release updates the Advance products to the latest MAME backends.

AdvanceMAME also has some nice new Audio improvements, a spectrum analyzer and much better sound volume normalization using a technique called Fletcher-Munson "Equal Loudness Curve" and some bug fixes in the joystick detection routines.

AdvanceMAME and AdvanceMESS can be used on GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, DOS, Windows and the other systems supported by the SDL library.

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