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Linux Cell Phones are coming, 1.1 million Linux-based phones expected to be shipped this year

BusinessWeek reports both Samsung Group and Motorola are selling Linux-based phones in Asia.

"In February, 2003, electronics giant Motorola Inc. stunned the mobile-phone business with a bold change of course. During the industry's annual shindig in Cannes, the Schaumberg (Ill.) company announced the world's first handset built around the Linux operating system and unveiled plans to use the populist software in consumer phones from then on. Pundits saw this as a slap at Symbian Ltd., the London software consortium Motorola co-founded five years earlier with Nokia Corp. and Ericsson to develop software for feature-rich smart phones. It was also a major lift for Linux, the grassroots operating system that until then was used mainly on servers."

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