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GmailFS - Use your Gmail account as a 1 GB File-System

Now you can use your Google Gmail account as normal mountable Linux storage device!

Richard Jones released GmailFS yesterday, a Python application that allows you to use a Gmail Mail account as a mountable storage medium. This is done using FUSE to mange the user-land infrastructure and libgmail to communicate with Google GMail.

GmailFS can do most of the normal file operations, like open, close, read, write, rename and so on, meaning you can use normal Linux commands like cp and mv as if you were using a local file-system.

This may be a nice trend. Several other services, like Rediff (Rediff announces free 1 GB mail accounts) also offers accounts with 1 GB or more storage space.

Richard made a screenshot of him reading his Gmail using a Mozilla Firefox executable stored on that account. Neat, huh?

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