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Do not use Kernel 2.6.8.x if you want to burn CDs and DVDs

A patch added to the kernel shortly before the release makes the standard Linux dvd+rw-tools unusable unless you run them as the root user. Making the tools set-uid root does not work. Normal users can not burn DVDs or CDs using a system running Kernel

A security patch added to the recently released Linux Kernel version makes the kernel reject important cd writing commands like GET CONFIGURATION MMC and MODE SELECT unless the application asking for the commands is running under the user root. The commands are also rejected when a normal user runs these tools when they are set to SetUID root, a flag that gives specific programs root privileges when they are started by normal users. Kernel 2.6.8 shares the same problem, was released only minutes after to fix a flaw in the NFS client handling. Kernel 2.6.9 will be less restrictive.

Kernel also has a bad memory leak which prevents you from burning audio cds at all, even when using the cd/dvd tools as the root user (Fixed in 2.6.9).

The developers who made the popular CD recording application K3B recommends using 2.6.7 until the issue is resolved (Do not use Kernel 2.6.8). LinuxReviews conquers. You can apply a patch to that restores the permission behavior of previous kernels, but you will still have problems burning audio CDs using it.

The Linux Kernel developers have already fixes the problems and the fixes will be in the next kernel release. (They are part of 2.6.9-r1, announced 2004-08-24)

Thanks to Sven Harald (PGP:10E8DC72)

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