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Knoppix 3.6 aKademy Edition Announced at KDE World Summit

The new Knoppix version uses Linux Kernel 2.4.27 and, optionally, Kernel 2.6.7. It features a complete desktop based on KDE 3.2.3 and includes a huge variety of useful programs like Gimp 2.0. Hardware autodetection and support is improved, and it now uses ndiswrapper for loading proprietary drivers for wireless network cards.

Knoppix is a bootable Linux distribution on a single CD (Also called LiveCD). Knoppix uses KDE as desktop system can ships with KDE 3.2.3 because Knoppix is based on the Debian Linux Distribution, and the brand new KDE 3.3 is currently only available in the Debian Unstable branch.

The new version was released to celebrate the start of the CodeMarathon event at the KDE World Summit 2004, and the release is dubbed "aKademy Edition".

Knoppix is only available in a Live-CD version, there is no DVD version. It features a full desktop system and also features a user-friendly installer (Knoppix Hard Disk Installation HOWTO), you can use it to try how Linux looks and feels and install the system on your hard drive if you find it suits your needs.

The Live-CD is worth downloading even if you have a current Linux desktop you are comfortable with on your computer. It can be used for a large number of interesting purposes, such as installing distributions such as Gentoo Linux.

Knoppix 3.6 can be downloaded from your local mirror or by using the BitTorrent protocol.

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