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KDE 3.3 available for Debian Unstable

KDE 3.3 Final is scheduled released tomorrow, 18th August 2004. Distribution developers are busy preparing packages and 3.3 final is already available in Debian Unstable.

The new version of Linux second most popular desktop environment is finished and ready for release.

KDE developer Stephan Kulow wrote various KDE mailing lists on August 13th and informed that the final KDE_3_3_0_RELEASE had been frozen and branched from the main "head" development line.

    I'd like to open HEAD for normal development again with this mail. The
  final KDE_3_3_0_RELEASE is tagged (beside kde-i18n) and I will start 
  preparing packages.
  So please be very conservative with backports at this point and notify
  me for every commit that you consider important enough to redo the packages
  (I have veto right of course).
  In case the question arises: HEAD in kde-i18n was open before and the backport
  rule applies there too (but I got a wild card for vetoing there).

The latest changes submitted to KDE were mainly polishing and bug fixes.

Packages are expected available for most Linux distributions on the release date.

Debian Unstable is one step ahead and have already made KDE 3.3 final packages available.

In loosely-related news, very few realize and are the only sites on the entire web who serve web-pages in the visitors native language when available (determined by the web browsers identification). To further annoy you, know LinuxReviews adapted this technique after experiencing some time last century. KDE's browser Konqueror uses language preferences set in KDE Control Centre when it requests pages from web servers.

You can read more about the latest KDE in our features article What's New in KDE 3.3?

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