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BestCrypt for Linux v1.5-7 released, fixes issues with 2.6.x kernels, issues Fedora Core 2 and adds support for SuSE.

BestCrypt by is a non-free (as in 0) encryption tool for Windows and Linux that allows users to mount and unmount encrypted file volumes stored a container file. Jetico hopes BestCrypt now works perfectly with 2.6.x kernels.

BestCrypt has worked perfectly with Linux 2.4.xx kernels for years and there is very little room for improvement.

The support for 2.6.x kernels is relatively new and it was rather poor when it was initially added to BestCrypt with the release of version 1.5-1. Later releases have mainly been bug-fixes to the 2.6 kernel support.

Version v1.5-7 should fix the last of the problems. You must back up your data and create a new container or reformat your current one when you upgrade to BestCrypt <=1.5.6.

Changelog last few releases (Full Changelog at

  • BestCrypt for Linux v1.5-7
    1. Container filesystem corruption on Fedora Core 2 fixed.
    2. Hangups caused by farge file writes on 2.6.x kernels fixed.
    3. Compatibility with new SuSE kernels location added.

  • BestCrypt for Linux v1.5-6
    1. Incorrect container capacity fixed.
      • Important! If you are running 2.6.x kernel, please backup data from your containers before installing BestCrypt v1.5-6. After installation please reformat your containers.
    2. x86_64 architecture support.
    3. Data flush before container unlinking added
  • BestCrypt for Linux v1.5-5
    1. Bugfix SMP 2.6.5+ kernels.
  • BestCrypt for Linux v1.5-4
    1. Linux kernel 2.6.5+ support added.

BestCrypt's user-space tool is bctool (manual page).

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