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The demand for Linux knowledge in the job marked it insignificant, Java expertise is still the most sought skill

A look at and reveals many new Linux-related jobs and the market seems to be booming, but the number of jobs pale when you compare them to the demand for Java developers. currently has 24973 IT jobs listed. 875 of them match the keyword "Linux" and 313 match "apache". 3248 of the jobs ask for Java-skills, Java and specially J2EE is still spreading like fire. has 52168 jobs. 853 are Linux related, 175 request apache-knowledge and 8492 seek Java-developers. Scot Melland from differs from their own search engine and claims the real number of Linux related jobs is 2000.

Many of the IT job-descriptions don't ask for official certification or diplomas. Most businesses ask simply require you to have experience within the right fields. Some ask for specific hard-to-find skills like "experience with developing the Linux kernel". This is probably because there few Linux certifications are available and those who do exist are done by strange firms no-one heard of.

Let it be a lesson, you will gain more from pointing to experience and good references than you will by showing your LinuxUniversity(TM) Certified Engineer diploma bought for $10 on ebay.

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