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The KDE team is pleased to announce KDE 3.3.0 rc2.

KDE 3.3 is scheduled released next week and rc2 shows the development is going according to plan. The new version has exciting new features and promises a bright future for the Linux on the Desktop.

KDE 3.3rc2 is now available form your local mirror:

We have already received a lot of feedback to our KDE 3.3 Betas, so we can release a public Release Candidate. We want to have this tested as soon as possible, so we didn't wait for vendor binaries. So please test the sources if you have experience in this (or use Konstruct). Stephan Kulow to

Still work to be done

sftp is currently unusable, bug 66411. There are several other bugs and problems with the kio slaves.

Will Final Be Released Soon?

Wednesday 20040818 is the Targeted Release date, that is only a week to close the remaining 7000 open bug reports on

KDE is known to release according to plan, but it would be sad if KDE is shipped with important bugs still open.

The official KDE page has not yet announced 3.3rc2.

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