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OnebaseGo 2.1 Live-CD (Bootable Linux Distribution) released, includes KDE 3.3 Beta2 and Koffice 1.3.2

The Live-CD allows you to try all the latest bleeding edge software without touching your existing installation. The CD also features Mozilla 1.8a1, Flash 7.0, Gaim 0.8, Mplayer-1.0pre4 and OLM 3.0.7.

All packages are compiled with GCC 3.4.1, rumored to provide faster (placebo effect?) performance. Even so, the distribution can not give you ultimate speed as the software is compiled with debugging symbols. The debugger GDB is included, allowing you to file detailed bug reports in order to help developers kill remaining bugs.

The Onebaselinux developers stresses that this release is meant for testing purposes only, not production use.

OnebaseGo-2.1-KDE3.3b2 was announced 2004-08-04.

In related news, KDE 3.3 RC1 was scheduled for release today (2004-08-07), but has not yet been announced available.

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