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DOOM 3 RELOADED has landed and has already become incredibly popular.

Game addicts are going wild, but skeptics are saying it may be too much.

The long awaited Doom follow-up Doom 3 has boomed strait to the top of the most played and hoaxed games list. The "shoot everything moving" type action game has excellent and almost movie looking graphics. It is very hard to not be impressed by the detail and realism.

Those who got Doom 1 shareware the day it was released back in the BBS days may find the graphics too much. It is just not the same anymore, and it never will be. The days of good old classics with plain "shoot those, they are moving" figures like "Wolfenstein 3D" are gone.

Doom 3 is created by id software, a company with a long history of shoot everything-type games.

The really great news is that Sierra now has no choice but to make Halflife 2 even more awesome than Doom 3.

At least 2049+1093 people are seeding and 24723+10505 are peering a Doom 3 reloaded torrent at the moment.

Sales figures are not very impressive yet, though. This may be because only 1/10 of all who may want to purchase and play it actually own hardware that meets the games demanding requirements.

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