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txt2tags 2.0 is released. txt2tags is a single python script that converts text files with minimal markup to into formatted HTML, SGML and other document formats.

The new version adds (valid) XHTML support and better support for images and css. mgp, moin and man targets are improved. Some of the markup tags have been changed and documents created for 1.x must be converted.

This website is made using txt2tags for two reasons:

  • Any OS and editor can be used to edit the files
  • It is possible to create a huge number of formats using the text-files, txt2tags now supports creating HTML, SGML, LaTeX, manual pages, MoinMoin, Magic Point and PageMaker 6.0 documents.

2.0 uses slightly different markup and comes with a small tool to convert 1.x documents.

The latest KDE 3.3cvs version of the popular text editor kate features a txt2tags markup highlight mode. It makes lists yellow and hard to read on the default white background, links blue and bold tags become bold. Quite nice, except for the yellow lists.

Get the latest version and find out why people love txt2tags. txt2tags is a single python script.

Read our Interview with verde, aka Aurelio Marinho Jargas, txt2tags author

Changes since last release

2004-07-25 v2.0
  • program internationalized (i18n) and translated to Portuguese
  • new user configuration file ~/.txt2tagsrc
  • new mark """ for Raw Text Area
  • new %!includeconf command to insert external file config
  • new %!include: file command to include raw text
  • new pre-checking on Pre/Post Proc filters for regex errors
  • graphical interface color configurable via %!guicolors
  • the program is now an importable Python module
  • code changes to make pychecker happy (from 123 warnings to 10)
  • HTML and XHTML codes approved by w3c validator
  • new command line options: --dump-config, --debug, -v, --verbose, -i, --infile, --encoding, --rc, --css-suggar, --no-style, --no-toc, --no-toc-only, --no-enum-title, --no-mask-email, --no-encoding, --no-rc, --no-infile, --no-outfile, --no-css-suggar

  • Bugfix: fixed the program description on the documentation {thanks Mahesh T. Pai @ .in for pointing}
  • Bugfix: sgml: removed useless <rowsep> from table last row {thanks Rodrigo Sobrinho @ .br for poiting}
  • Bugfix: tex: now escaping correctly <, > and | chars {thanks Leo Rosa @ .br for poiting}
  • Bugfix: TOC and list errors when inverting order {thanks Leo Rosa @ .br for poiting}
  • new optional anchor specification for title: =title=[anchor] {thanks Jose Inacio Coelho @ .br for requesting}
  • new CSS sample files to help CSS beginners {thanks Osvaldo Santana Neto @ .br for providing them}
  • new XHTML target {thanks Peter Valach and Christian Zuckschwerdt for the tags}
  • tex: now using --style to load \usepackage modules {thanks Leo Rosa @ .br for requesting}
  • User Guide images on the tarball {thanks Guaracy Monteiro for requesting}

  • man target improved: added support for lists, quote and tables
  • mgp target improved: image is now alignable
  • moin target improved: added support for underline, quote, table cell align, comment and TOC
  • tex target improved: removed amssymb from headers, not breaking pages anymore, mapping --style do \usepackage, using \clearpage, image tag not using {figure} anymore {thanks Leo Rosa, Leslie Harlley Watter and Sandor Markon}

  • graphical and web interfaces improved (blue theme)
  • error messages improved and prefixed by txt2tags string
  • new rules for beautifiers: glued and greedy
  • solo centered images now requires spaces on both sides
  • added & to URL filename valid chars (~michaelreaves/D&Dpreface.html)
  • user config on source code for i18n, debug and HTML lowered tags

  • old --type option changed to --target
  • old --noheaders option changed to --no-headers
  • old --enumtitle option changed to --enum-title
  • old --maskemail option changed to --mask-email
  • old --toclevel option changed to --toc-level
  • old --toconly option changed to --toc-only

  • old `pre` mark changed to ``pre``
  • old ``raw`` mark changed to ""raw""
  • old --- mark changed to ``` for Verbatim Area
  • old = term: mark changed to : term for definition list term
  • old bolditalic mark removed, use **//bold+italic//** instead

  • old %!cmdline config changed to %!target and %!options
  • old %!include: `file.txt` changed to %!include: ``file.txt`` when including a text file
  • old %!include: 'file.html' changed to %!include: ''file.html'' when including a tagged file

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