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KDE 3.3 Beta 2 Kollege Released, source and packages for Gentoo, Slackware, Suse and Yoper are available.

KDE 3.2 enjoy, the kdepim, kdevelop and kdewebdev modules can be used on KDE 3.2.x. Beta 2 is mainly a bug-fix release. No more features will be added to KDE 3.3, it is all about polishing form here on.

KDE 3.3 Beta 2 was announced today

kdewebdev is a new module with web development tools, including Quanta (website development). Kallery (photo album generator) was planned to be a part of kdewebdev, but it did not meet the deadline. I didn't had time to do it properly, so instead of just putting it into kdewebdev, I delayed the inclusion. said Andras Mantia, the leading developer.

We have a review of the new KDE called What's new in KDE 3.3? A look at new features and aspects of using the current KDE cvs and we also have quite a few KDE 3.3 screen-shots available.

Gentoo users can find KDE 3.2 Beta2 in portage.

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