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KDE 3.2.3 and 3.3 Beta 1 Released

3.2.3 features more icons (bloat) used in different widgets (kdelibs) and numerous bug fixes for konqueror, konsole, kicker, kwin, kopete and quanta and is meant for daily use. The development branch, 3.3 Beta 1, has important improvements like Kopete file transfer support and tab switching using the mouse wheel in Konqueror.

KDE 3.2.3 follows the release of KDE 3.3 Beta 1, announced two days ago.

KDE 3.2.3 is the latest stable version meant for daily usage. 3.3 Beta 1 is the test branch with all the sweet new features. Quanta+ has changed the name to kdewebdev in KDE Beta and in this branch the application previously known as Quanta+ has a new VPL mode, better template support and PHP debugger support. Konquerors tab management has been significantly improved. You can now switch tabs using the mouse wheel over the tab area and create a new tab by doubleclicking on the tab area. The KDE 3.3 Feature Plan and more sweet features, but shows there still is much work to be done.

Gentoo users can install the latest KDE using the Gentoo KDE-CVS Project builds.

Trolltech made the first Qt 4 Technical Preview. avilable yesterday. It is expected to be available early Q2 2005. QT4 will not be binary compatible with Q3. KDE News has more.

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