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Xine 0.99.2 Released

A new version of the popular media player Xine has been released. The new version fixes tool-tip related crashes on some system and now reports correctly when frames are dropped.

Great news for for all the dual display users out there: Xine now supports using a different display for the control panel. Set gui.video_display to the screen you want the control panel (:0. or :1).

Read 0.99.2 Release Notes for more details.

This release compliments the recently released xine-lib 1-rc5. It features "smoother seeking" and will now automatically "slow down CD drive during CD audio playback to reduce noise".

  • Gentoo: ACCEPT_KEYWORDS="~x86" emerge xine-lib xine-ui (latest xine-ui does not depend on latest xine-lib)
  • manual page

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