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Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator v0.84 Released

MAME v0.84 source and binaries for Windows and DOS were released this week. The releases were followed by a major Games ROM Flood on Usenet which has made almost all of the nearly 5 thousand supported games available for download.

The MAME emulator started with Nicola Salmorias work on hardware emulators in 1996. The first release, MAME 0.1, hit the Internet 1997-02-05. It has been extremely popular ever since and has grown to support a huge number of games for Neo-Geo, CPS1/2 and other arcade standards.

The New Version

The v0.84 source and binaries for Windows  were released 2004-07-02, DOS source and binaries were released the following day. Updated .84 version of Mame32, the Win32 GUI version of MAME, is available for download. The XMAME Unix port is currently on the way and is expected to be released soon, xmame 0.83.1 is still the latest available Linux version. Other ports are also on the way.

The Linux front-ends, like gxmame, support new versions of XMAME because they build the games list using XMAME.


The new release has many improvements, most importantly:

  • Many Game Drivers are updated
  • Code cleanup, obsolete macros for backward compatibility are removed
  • New games supported by this release:
    • Hangman
    • Dragon Bowl
    • Knightmare (prototype)
    • Many new sets of Grayhound Trivia
    • Psychic Force EX
    • Double Point

Usenet Games Flood

A games post flood hit Usenet immediately after release. Almost all the 5ooo+ games supported are now available at your friendly local news service, depending on how much data their server caches. Even most the rare, hard to find roms usually only available places like #rareroms on were posted.

BNR2 is a good Java-based newsreader for alt.binaries.

Look for alt.binaries.emulators.mame.

Fire Hawk (2.5 MB, released 2001 by ESD) is among the many games posted on Usenet this week.

Remember, just can only legally play old ("abandon-ware") XMAME games and games you own a copy of.

Gentoo: emerge xmame gxmame bnr2

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