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Rediff announces free 1 GB mail accounts

gmail already provides 1GB but it is still in beta and requires you to get invited by someone who already has an account. Now Rediff is offering 1024 MB storage space free for all.

  1. Enough storage space free of charge
  2. The user interface
  3. The storage space
  4. The usual features

1. Enough storage space free of charge

Rediff yesterday announced the worlds first service to provide 1 GB mail accounts free of charge.

Rediff, located in India, increased their previous storage limit of 5 MB by 200 times. Their new limit, 1 GB, may be enough to store a lifetimes worth of email.

Rediff provides this to make you buy rediff+. If you give in you get 2 GB storage, POP3 Access and 100 SMS.

2. The user interface

Their default user interface is usable, but not great.

more screenshots

It feels like a normal web user interface, Squirrelmail users will feel right at home. The interface does seem kind of slow, the standard wait-while-loading pause when clicking something is noticeable.

rediff vs gmail

Google gmail

Google has done a great job making their very own unique mail client. This mail client is amazingly snappy. It responds instantly as if you were using a locally running program. There is no doubt, the gmail interface is by far superior to what Rediff offers. But gmail is not free like Rediff is, not un-free because of a charge but not free because you can not get gmail. Google places invitations in their members in-boxes regularly. After having gmail for 3 days I already have a queue of 3 friends who will receive invites as they appear.

3. The storage space

Rediffmail has placed many hinders to prevent you from (ab)using the full potential of the account are in place. You do get 1024 GB of storage and a 10 MB attachment size limit, meaning 102 mail are required fill it, a divx movie (700 MB) requires 70 mail. And you can only attach 20 files to a message.

4. The usual features

Both gmail and rediff provide a spam filter. None of them tell you what database they use, Rediffmail use the glory phrase exclusive Spam Shield.

gmail has a feature where you can report messages as spam. I assume this means identical spam are removed once one of their users report a message as spam. The best spam database solution, Vipul's Razor, is excellent simply because it has many users who report spam content.

Others (updated)

  • Spymac gives away 1 GB mail, 300 MB photo and 100 MB ftp/web storage.
  • Walla followed the stream and announced free 1 GB mail accounts a few weeks after Rediffmail.

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