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First virus for mobile phones discovered

The first virus ever capable of infecting mobile phones has been found by the anti-virus and security company Kaspersky Labs.

Kaspersky Labs, a security software developer, found the first network worm capable of infecting mobile phones 2004-06-14.

The worm, named Cabir, can infect and spread on mobile phones running Symbian OS. Cabir is not reported to do any serious damage so far.

Kaspersky Labs belives a international group of virus coders called 29a are the authors. This group specializes in revolutionary viruses using new technology's. The group has previously made viruses like Donut, the .NET virus , and Rugrat, the first virus for Win64.

Initial analysis indicate that Cabir spreads using the file type SIS (Symbian distribution file). The virus adds itself omong the phones security tools where it calls itself "Caribe Security Manager utility". If this "utility" is started the virus will show the message "Caribe" in the phones window and the phone will be infected so the virus later is activated when the phone is switched on. The virus looks for venerable phones near by and tries to spread using Bluetooth technology. It will send a copy of it self to the first nearby phone found. It is now known if the virus has other code and, if so, what damage it may cause.

The virus is made to function on Symbian OS, used by many cellular phones produced by nokia. It is quite possible, but not proved, that the virus also can infect phones made by other manufacturers.

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