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4.3. Build the Modules

There is one more step needed for the build process, however. You have created the kernel, but now you need to create all the loadable modules if you have them configured. Be aware that typical distribution kernels tend to have almost every feature installed, plus a few others for good measure. These can typically take an hour or so to build on our Athlon XP1800. The stock kernels are somewhat leaner by default and take, on average, 25 minutes to compile. To build the modules we run:

$ make modules
Again, lots of messages will scroll by on the screen. Here also the 2.6.x series is less talkative, outputting only summary information. Once the modules are built they can be installed. If you were building as a non-privileged user you will now need to switch to root to complete this next step:
$ su
$ make modules_install
The freshly baked modules will be copied into /lib/modules/KERNEL_VERSION.

/ Linux Reviews / Howtos / Kernel Rebuild Guide

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