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Kentoo, user-friendly KDE package management

Kentoo is a KDE Control Center module that provides a front-end for Gentoo's portage system.

Kentoo allows you to sync the portage tree and update your world or system from the KDE Control Center.


  echo 'app-portage/kentoo ~x86' >> /etc/portage/package.keywords
  emerge kentoo

Kentoo currently supports the following features:

  • Syncing the portage tree
  • Emerging system or world, or selected packages part of world and system
  • Injecting and masking of packages via context menu
  • Condensed and colorized emerge output to easily see the important messages

Kentoo can automatically check if any of the packages installed in your "system" and "world" profiles needs to be updated. You can then upgrade the listed packages by clicking "Emerge".

Kentoo does NOT support searching portage or installing new packages, it can only be used to update your existing system.

You can use the X front-end Porthole to search and install packages.

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