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How to set mirrors for rsync and source code files

Use a Gentoo mirror close to you, this will give you much higher transfer rates.

  1. Selecting mirrors (automatic) using mirrorselect
  2. Manually setting mirrors

1. Selecting mirrors (automatic) using mirrorselect

Mirrorselect is a program that checks a list of know mirrors and finds the best ones by downloading a small test file. It also allows you to select one or more mirrors from a menu. Mirrorselect saves your choices in /etc/make.conf.

First, install mirrorselect:

  emerge mirrorselect

Use mirrorselect -d to manually select mirrors. Use -a for automatic mode, and set -s to the number of mirrors you want added to /etc/make.conf. Example:

  mirrorselect -a -s5

Add -r use mirrorselect for choosing a rsync mirror (used to update your portage tree). This does not work in automatic mode but does give you a nice list of mirrors so you manually can choose one close to you.

  mirrorselect -i -r

2. Manually setting mirrors

Mirrors are set in /etc/make.conf.

Rsync mirrors (updates the portage tree) is set by SYNC="".

File mirrors are set by GENTOO_MIRRORS="".

Mirrors that are known to work include



IPv6 rsync mirror: SYNC="rsync://"

You may add as many mirrors as you like, separated by a space: GENTOO_MIRRORS="mirror1 mirror2 mirror3"

Refer to and for a list or Gentoo mirrors.

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