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Flash and java in browsers

How to get flash and java support in your browsers.

  1. Java support
  2. Flash support

Gentoo Linux installs all plugins in the folder /usr/lib/nsbrowser/plugins and symlinks the plugins folders of all browsers here.

1. Java support

The best Java-engine to use with Gentoo is dev-java/blackdown-jre. This works with Konqueror, Galeon, Mozilla 1.x, Firefox and Opera. Install as usual:

emerge blackdown-jre

1.1. Opera

Javasupport is by default disabled in Opera. Enable and configure the java-support by going File -> Preferences (ALT-P) -> Multimedia, choose Enable Java and make sure you set the right Java Path. For blackdown-jre 1.4.1 this is /opt/blackdown-jre-1.4.1/lib/i386.

2. Flash support

emerge netscape-flash to get flash support in all browsers.

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