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  1. Emulated games
  2. Sites dedicated to Linux games

1. Emulated games

There are few good native Linux games, but there are a emulators available that lets you play a huge number of games made for other systems. and are site where you can download old games.

1.1. Commodore 64



1.2. Playstation 1

ePSXe Playstation Emulator (epsxe) is the best Linux emulator for playing Playstation games. pcsx (pcsx) is another alternative.

Both of these need seperate plugins to handle sound, video and gamepads.

With a USB2PSX converter from Rockfire you can even play the Playstation games with an original gamepad.

1.3. Playstation 2

The pcsx2 Playstation2 emulator is getting there, step by step. It can be used, but do expect bugs and crashes.

1.4. MAME

With MAME, Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator, you can play all those great old arcade games. Some of them are quite fun. You also want GXMame, a very nice frontend that lets you select games and configure mame from a GUI interface. AdvanceMENU is another good frontend.

Check out the newsgroup `alt.binaries.emulators.mame` on usenet for games.

1.5. Super Nintendo

ZSNES is a great Super Nintendo emulator.

2. Sites dedicated to Linux games

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