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DOOM - 32 player deathmach

Doom is a classic violent deathmach game originally made by ID Software.

  1. doomlegacy

1. doomlegacy

doomlegacy is a free engine for playing Doom. It supports up to 30 players in one game. doomlegacy is capable of using the doom and doom2 (and compatible) .wad (maps) files.

The engine is free, the original Doom 1 & 2 IWAD files from ID are not. Alternative free IWAD gamemaps are available.

doomlegacy runs smoothly on Pentium2 350 MHz, and is highly recommended for lan multiplayer fun - specially if you have a few old boxes handy.

doomlegacy can be played multiplayer on the Internet and/or a LAN.

1.1. Installation notice

Gentoo: emerge doomlegacy

For playing multiplayer games, doomlegacy needs write permission in the folder where the .wad file used is located on the clients . If not, you will get the message Error: Can't create file $$$.sav : disk full ?.

To prevent this, grant write access to the folder where the wads are located, usually /usr/share/games/doomlegacy/ :

  chmod g+w /usr/share/games/doomlegacy/

1.2. Selecting doomgame / .wad

Start doomlegacy with -iwad to select what game you want to start. (doom.wad, doom2.wad, plutonia.wad, tnt.wad are available on p2p)

llxdoom -iwad /usr/share/games/doomlegacy/plutonia.wad

1.3. Firewalls

doomlegacy uses UDP port 5029, so this port most be open in order to play start a multiplayer game.

The command for opening this port on a firewall using iptables:

  $IPTABLES -A INPUT -j ACCEPT -p udp --dport 5029

1.4. freedoom

freedoom is a project to create a complete Doom II-compatible IWAD file which is Free Software, all from scratch.

The project has made one release, Version 0.1, which is 15,901 kB, playable and quite entertaining.

For a great. free game, download and install freedoom and doomlegacy ..

Gentoo Linux:

  emerge freedoom

Freedoom does NOT come with multiplayer maps, and can therefore only be used in singleplayer mode!

1.5. Other maps

There are a few sites dedicated to Doom WAD files (sad to say most of them lack quallity), including:

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