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A dictionary unlike most, mainly computer related.

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Abbrev. for As Far As I Know.
Alsa is the next generation sound card drivers for Linux. Kernelconfig: In Sound, Y or M to Sound card support and N to everything else in that menu. Gentoo: 'emerge alsa-driver' | | |
Abbrev. for at the moment.
messages are pollution from people who think it is important to tell everyone what they are doing. AWAY MESSAGES SUCK. Please turn them off or YOU WILL BE KICKED! BitchX: echo set auto_away off >> ~/.bitchxrc. To ignore this garbage in irssi: /ignore -channels #chan1,#chan2 -regexp -pattern (away|gone|back|playin|weg|wech|returned) * ACTIONS -
Hot-looking chick, someone you'd nail without thinking twice about it.
CD Image, must be used together with a .cue file. This is the actual content.
The rudest irc client (in many ways). Evil? Use Bitchx.
is a IM irc gateway server (icq/msn/jabber in your irc client) - BitlBee Guide
On Gentoo, packages that conflict with other packages are blocked [B]. Example: Qmail conflics with and therefore blocks postfix, ssmtp etc. Unmerge the conflicting package or keep the one you are using.
is a fast compiler cache. When the same code is compiled again the cached output is used giving a significant speedup. Gentoo: 'emerge ccache' , then set CCACHE_SIZE in /etc/make.conf (the ccache feature ON by default, if merged)
  • CD-Record (Only), computer CD standard for writable CDs. Very usefull for swapping pirated xvid movies.

  • CD Record and re-Write, computer standard for rewriteable CDs. These cost more and are used when you need to transfer files from once place to another on a regular basis.
0-no access 1-x 2-w 3-wx 4-r 5-rx 6-rw 7-rwx. For number means owner, second number means gruop and the third number applices to all users.
Change file permissions. a=all,u=user,g=group. r=read,w=write,x=execute,X=enter folder. Example: chmod u+x filename (executable for user). chmod -R a+X folder/ Recursive allow all users to enter folders.
of death - When your harddrive starts making clicking sounds. Additionally the drive may try to spin up, then click and spin down. If you haven't backed up your data then you are about to learn and important lession on why you should do so regularly.
Something you can waste hours in front of or use as a chair for unwanted guests. more >>>
CD Image description file, must be used together with a .bin file.
Common Unix Printing System, the best *nix printing server.
is a program to distribute compilation of C code across several machines on a network. Gentoo: Edit /etc/make.conf, set DISTCC_HOSTS="localhost host1 host2 etc", add distcc to FEATURES= and set MAKEOPTS="-j4" (-j+total number of CPUs)

Closed document format made by Microsoft Word. Can be opened in OpenOffice and KWord.
The one and only irc bot. If you never heard of it, then forget it. You simple have no quallifications for running a bot. Fuck off.
emerge is the definitive command-line interface to the Portage system. It is primarily used for installing packages, and emerge can automatically handle any dependencies a desired package has. 'emerge sync' to update the portage tree, making new/updated packages available. View a pkgs useflags/what would be installed: 'emerge -pv package' , Uninstall: 'emerge -C package' . || `emerge --help` || `man emerge`
Gentoo Portage tool part of gentoolkit - View packages changelog: etcat -c pkg - View USE flags when last installed & next install: etcat -u package - man etcat | etcat --help
Mozilla Firefox is a rewrite of the Mozilla UI, using the Mozilla backend. Looks sweet. `emerge mozilla-firefox` (Tidligere kjent som Firebird og Phoenix)
Tasteless Norwegian fish-based dish. Just say NO or 'Nei takk ikke fiskeboller'.
is the one and only window manager. Great layer support, tabbed windowing, supports window maker applets in a docklet, supports KDE panel applets on the panel.. Excellent. Gentoo user: emerge fluxbox now!
The word goat spelled in l33t, frequently used in reference to g0at pr0n.
Gentoo Linux is a versatile and fast, completely free Linux distribution for x86, PowerPC, UltraSparc and Alpha systems that's geared towards Linux power users. |
The install has *3* stages. By getting a stage1 tarball, YOU do stage 2 and 3. By getting a stage3 tarball, You do virtually nothing.
Collection of unofficial administration scripts for Gentoo. List a packages files: qpkg -l pkg | What package provides <program>? qpkg -fp `which program` | Packages Changelog: etcat -c pkg
Emerge mirrorselect and use --help parameter. | Change rsync mirror: mirrorselect -i -r | Change file mirror: mirrorselect -a -s5 | Or you could manually edit /etc/make.conf and modify/add GENTOO_MIRRORS="http://mirror1 http://mirror2" || List:
Girls take time and money: Girls=Time*Money | Time is money: Time=Money | Money is the root of all evil: Money=root(Evil) | By Substitution, Girls=(root(Evil))^2 | And we simplify... Girls=Evil
The search engine with the answer to every question.
grep is a great tool for text. To remove all comments # and blank lines from a file: grep -v -e "^$" -e "^#" myfile > newfile - Remove all comments and blank lines: egrep -v '^#|^;|^$'
Gentoo Reference Packages. Precompiled packages, similar to RPM. Usually outdated compared to the latest version available in portage. Read 'man emerge' for information on how to build them yourself.
A television system with 2x the standard number of scanning lines per frame that gives excellent clear picture quality, often encoded into divx avi movie files playable on modern computer systems.
does xzy take? In short: A while. When it comes to compiling: Tripple the time you would like. Pain? nice -19 emerge openoffice
Hypertext Markup Language - The coded format language used for creating hypertext documents on the World Wide Web and controlling how Web pages appear.
Instant Messages between users (like SMS). Best software: Gaim ( for Gnome, kopete ( for KDE. You can also use a Bitlbee ( server with any IRC client. Gaim/Kopete/Bitlbee all support MSN/ICQ/Jabber/Yahoo and other protocols.
Internet Protocol, usually meaning the numribal adress of your computer. To find your own IP, try ping `hostname`
IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is a protocol for textbased conferencing. Since its birth in 1989 IRC has become increasingly more popular and is today the de-facto standard for computerbased communication.
Irssi is a console irc client superiour to any gui (or other for that matter) client. | Gentoo: 'USE="ipv6" emerge irssi'
CD image, this is the most commonly used format.
Your Internet Service Provider is a company or organisation who provide Internet connections. If you subscribe to cable or ADSL then your ISP is who you pay for your Internet connection.
is a great KDE-based CDR/DVD-R app for burning data, audio and video cds.
principle: /kisī prinīsi·pl/, n. "Keep It Simple, Stupid", or "Keep It Short and Simple". Clean and to the point will forever own flashy and bloated. Less is more. Websites using flash will forever suck!
Elite. "Person with extensive knowledge/skill in one computerrelated field", who usually belives he/she is better than everybody else because of it.
"I'm to lame to read BitchX.doc"? `/set REALNAME superl33t` - And while you are at it, make sure you also `/set AUTO_AWAY OFF` !
What is life? It is the flash of a firefly in the night. It is the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset. -- Crowfoot
Fast lightweight text and graphic web-browser. Supports textmode, framebuffer, svgalib and X11.
is the most userfriendly Linux distribution. | Helpful Mandrake Info:
Gentoo by default gives you the latest stable version of a package. To view or emerge the lastest available 'unstable' version, use `ACCEPT_KEYWORDS=~arch emerge -options package` where your ~arch is probably ~x86. If you want it permanent, edit /etc/make.conf. "Hard" masked packages are listed in /usr/portage/profiles/package.mask - Put a # in front of the package name to unmask. Example: USE="-X" ACCEPT_KEYWORDS="~x86" bittorrent-theshadow
kernel part/driver which can be inserted and removed without rebooting. man lsmod modprobe | insert: modprobe module | remove: modprobe -r module or rmmod module
Mounts devices and files as a part of the file-system. Examples: To mount a CD-Rom drive: mount /dev/cdrom /mnt/cdrom/ - To mont a ISO image: mount -t iso9660 -o ro,loop /path/cd_image.iso /mountpoint/cdrom (CD-Recording Howto - To change right on a already mounted file-system: mount / -o rw,remount - [Manual page
Something only evil bastards try to force upon you. more >>>
NTP keeps your machine's clock synchronized with the official time. emerge ntp, and edit /etc/ntp.conf and /etc/conf.d/ntp-client to suit your needs. Please use only Stratum 2 servers, you can find a list at . Once setup is complete, you can synchronize just once at boot with /etc/init.d/ntp-client, or keep your clock constantly in sync with /etc/init.d/ntpd -
Operating system, a set of basic tools that makes your computer work and lets you run the software you need to get your desired tasks done.
Anoying useless device found in most PCs. To turn off: setterm -blength 0 (Console) xset b off (xfree)
is a true ports system used by Gentoo Linux in the tradition of BSD ports, but is Python-based and ports a number of advanced features including dependencies, fine-grained package management, fake (OpenBSD-style) installs, path sandboxing, safe unmerging, system profiles, virtual packages, config file management, and more. Try emerge --help
Pornografy. Highly availalbe all over the net. Throughout history called adult movies, xxx, xXx, pr0n, wankware..
ftp-server. Edit /etc/proftpd/proftpd.conf | Add ProFTPD: 10.0.0. or ProFTPD: ALL to /etc/hosts.allow | Set disable = no in /etc/xinetd.d/proftpd | rc-update add proftpd default | /etc/init.d/proftpd start
Gentoo tool: Superb for handeling packages. Part of app-admin/gentoolkit | List all installed pkgs: qpkg -I | List package content: qpkg -l |
Generally q (console) or in X ctrl-q (quit) or ctrl-x (closes windows) | In vi :q | ctrl-c may also do the job | /quit in irc clients | esc from pagers | if you are desperate to quit a console app, ctrl-z then kill -9 %1 ; fg
File archive format, popular because it makes it easy to spilt huge files before distribution.

Gentoo Linux tool for showing runlevel and services running. `rc-status -a` Shows services at all run levels. To change services started at poweron - make it start: `rc-update add myservice default`, Remove service: `rc-update del myservice default` . Runlevels: boot default nonetwork single
Read only file system (usually caused by boot errors), how do I get around that? mount / -o rw,remount
fast and powerful graphical file manager. Easy to use.
"RedHat Package Manager", software package format used by Mandrake, Suse & Fedora. Install: rpm -ivh | Upgrade: rpm -Uvh | Other distributions: convertwith rpm2tgz
Read The Fucking Manual (yes, it's allowed to say that. fuck, fuck fuck.), It's all explained there. And here:
Way of selecting what services will be started at boot. Gentoo: Runlevels are boot,default,nonetwork,single | To add a service (example iptables): `rc-update add iptables default` To view all services, their runlevel and status: rc-status -a | rc-update add|del|show
The sandbox limits package builds to a 'restriced' folder. If you get a sandbox violation, less /tmp/<package><version>.log' to view what the build wanted to write to. To disable it, remove 'sandbox' from FEATURES in /etc/make.globals and/or /etc/make.conf .
is a full screen window manager for terminals, if you never heard of it you should install screen NOW. Basics: ctrl-a-c to create window, ctrl-a-n for next window, ctrl-a-d to detach (put in background), screen -r to attach or screen -x to attach shared (same window on multiple terminals), ctrl-a esc to enter copy/scrollback mode and ctrl-a-] to paste from screens buffer. Press ctrl-a-? or try man screen for more help.
is a snapshot of your desktop or an application. imagemagick: import -window root screenshot.png | xv: xv -grabdelay 2 myimage.jpg | gimp: File -> Aquire -> Screenshot | Framebuffer Console: fbgrab | KDE: ksnapshot
Somebody Elses Problem. Lower your workload by passing it on to someone else or perhaps some other department.
secure socket layer (for secure data transfer). Gentoo: emerge openssl, edit /etc/ssl/openssl.cnf . Use flag: +ssl / -ssl
Macromedia Shockwave Flash Player file format,
Text like format with simple formatting, the text can be converted to just about any other text format.
(tar.gz , tar.bz2) tar archives, usually filtered through bzip2 or gzip.
(Pure text files) Plan text, can be used and opened with just about anything. The best-edited-with war is between vim, emacs, kate, quanta and nano (a religious, and like most religious things, very stupid battle)
Uniform Resource Locator: the address of a resource or document on the Internet that consists of a transport protocol followed by colon slash slash (http://), server location ( and a path throught a folder to a file (/doh/bar.txt) more
Use flags are Gentoo's keywords that define options used on a system-wife basis to configure applications during compile time. View a packages USE flags: emerge -pv package. To modify your USE variables emerge app-portage/ufed or modify /etc/make.conf directly. Pr. package basis: USE="foo -bar" emerge pkg | Remove all: USE="-*". Flag List: /usr/portage/profiles/use.desc. | Also, try man emerge
Way of polluting the internet with lame hostnames | | | | example:
is a network downloader. To download a complete site and say you are using Mozilla (for sites denying wget): wget -r -p -U Mozilla

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